USB Wifi Adapter for Faster Wifi – USB Wifi Antenna for pc Laptop and Desktop – 600 MBPS – Dual Band



Warm Tips,Drivers below:

1.✅ Drivers-Wins7/8/8.1/2000/xp

2.✅Driver-Windows 10



5.Driver-From MacOS10.6 to MacOS 10.13

6.Linux-Need programming

7.✅User Manual


  • ⚡ REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL: Are you taking advantage of 802.11AC? The fastest wireless protocol can reach amazing speeds, but many devices don’t support it. Our Wifi Adaptor allows you to reach the full potential of your Wifi Connection so you have reliable, fast wifi when you need it the most. Say goodbye to lag and connectivity issues, no matter where you are. Streaming Video and Important Conference Calls will see a huge boost.
  • ⚡ THE FREEDOM OF LONG RANGE WIRELESS (NOW FOR DESKTOPS): Forget expensive and difficult network cards or LAN Adapters. Get industry leading wifi connectivity in a package the size of your thumb. Our Powerful External Antenna means you get a strong signal throughout your house or office.
  • ⚡ DUAL-BAND FOR INTERFERENCE FREE WIRELESS: The typical home has more than 15 different devices that are sending signals throughout the airwaves. Even your microwave can disrupt a typical 2.4 GHZ wireless connection. With our Dual Band technology, you receive Wifi on a more private line, leading to less interference and a stronger, more reliable connection. Order today and see the difference.
  • ⚡ UNIVERSAL COMPATABILITY + 5 MINUTE INSTALL: Compatible with any Mac or Windows computer, all it takes is 5 minutes to download the drivers online or from the included set up CD, and then plug in the adapter after you finish installation. So simple, your grandmother can do it. You can even download the drivers right now at:
  • ⚡ THE USBNOVEL 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: USBNovel has been in business for over ten years and have been the solution of choice for large corporations who need reliable technology. We’re excited to offer you the same guarantee and support as our corporate clients. Our 18 month Worry Free Warranty and incredible Customer Service will leave you with peace of mind.

You deserve the best from your WIFI.

Most computer manufacturers treat wireless cards as an afterthought, knowing the consumer will just blame their Internet Provider or even the router for their slow and spotty connection.

There’s a better way.

⚡ Industry leading technology such as our High Gain Antenna and Dual Band system ensure that you get a better connection even at long range. Guaranteed.

⚡ Our Adapter brings powerful, lightning fast internet to the people, by allowing anyone to use the latest WIFI protocol – 802.11AC, with speeds up to 5-10 times the speed of 802.11N, and a better signal at a long range, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

⚡ Our Dual Band system allows your computer to receive 5GHZ Wifi: a less crowded, more private, boosted signal. Most Smartphones, Smart TVs, Laptops, and even Microwaves are using the 2.4GHZ, crowding the airwaves and creating interference. Rise above the noise with our Dual Band system.

⚡ Our USB Wifi Adapter is a simple solution to many common problems. Whether you need cutting edge internet for gaming and streaming video, require strong, reliable wifi for critical conference calls, or just don’t want the clutter of cables, we have a solution.


⚡ Installation is so easy your grandmother could do it (at least mine could)

1. Install the drivers first. You can even do it right now by clicking here:
2. Restart your computer
3. Plug in your adapter, you’re ready to start enjoying better internet.

⚡ What if I need support?
Enjoy the same support that we offer corporate clients with our industry leading 18 month Worry Free Warranty, 100% Satisfaction guarantee and rapid customer support:


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