How to Add Our USBNOVEL Wi-Fi to your Desktop PC

I was looking for a spare PC, and I found one in my storeroom. When I turned it on its working fine, but I couldn’t connect it to Wi-Fi. In the past, I usually connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable on my PC. Now, everyone uses wireless devices and don’t need Ethernet cables anymore. Older desktop PCs doesn’t come with built-in WiFi antenna. Some modern desktop computers do have a built-in wireless adapter. So I learn how to get Wi-Fi on my desktop PC.

Add Wi-Fi on Desktop PC

So, If you want wireless connectivity on your desktop PC, then you have few options to do that. You can either use a USB to Wi-Fi adapter, a Wi-Fi PCI-E card or replace your motherboard with the one that has built-in wireless capabilities. First two options are suitable for everyone because it’s easy to do and cheap as well. Replacing motherboard isn’t a good idea for just Wi-Fi option unless it’s required. Choose an option given below to get Wi-Fi on desktop PC according to your need.

Its plug and play, USB Wi-Fi adapter is the easiest and convenient way to make desktop tower pc wireless. Just plug this adapter into the USB port as you do with USB flash drive, you are ready to use Wi-FI on your PC. You might need to install the driver for this but when you have Windows 8 or later versions of Windows installed then the operating system will handle the driver and install it automatically. If you have any older Windows, then you need to read the instructions manual that comes with the Wi-Fi adapter. You can also use USB wireless adapter on your laptop that has broken Wi-Fi adapter.

Our usbovel usb wifi adapter could help you to get the wifi signal easily.